✨Where Magic Happens✨

This is where it all begins... the escape from ordinary! Embrace your individuality and join us on an adventure that never ends. The next apex is around the corner where reality bends to your will. 😉

  • Sea and Sun

    The salt and sun provide healing and peace as your mind wanders safe from the wrath of the sea. Your adventure begins where the last one ends never wavering another ticket with friends. Our ability to swim float and cast away all the fears and anxiety the land throws our way. You escape just in time. Your mind is pleased while the sun beats down your head and neck remain at ease. The protection provided is worth more than a boatload of aloe and creams. You complete your mission and return with a body full of vitamin D and the feeling that this time was spent fruitfully.

  • Festivals

    The serotonin and dopamine from friends old and new flood your mind as another core memory prints and repeats. These moments are more valuable than gold more cherished than sleep. Engage with the music, frequencies of healing and the divine as your head remains sheltered and refined. The third eye awakens and looks for your next adventure to partake in. Welcome to the feeling of a dream without sleeping.

  • Abstract/Interdimensional

    A new dimension appears like you asked. Your token opens the door to something strange yet somehow familiar. You've been here before but it seems quite peculiar. Clarity builds as the confines of your mind brighten. You trade in a heavy ego and bad energy for your higher self's clarity. Awakening the being you were always meant to be. The positive energy flows and folds holding you in an embrace only you know. Did the universe just wink? You ask yourself but know. The fear melts away as you lean back into another beautiful dream.

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Birdsong Prints

An eccentric and exceptional interpretation of existence by one of our closest...